The Diabetic Retinal Exam HEDIS quality standard is frequently described as one of the more challenging measures for health plans to meet. The Excedis Vision Team has the experience and tools ready to improve your quality scores and STAR ratings.

Did You Know?

Over 24 million Americans today have some form of diabetes.


As many as 8 million may not even realize they have the disease.


Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in the United States.

The NCQA provides a challenge to health plans and their providers to achieve the highest levels of compliance. The Excedis Vision Team partners with its health care plans and ACO clients through the implementation of proven methods to support your diabetic membership in receiving these important examinations, closing care gaps, thereby improving compliance and achieving higher STAR ratings.

Our Services

Excedis has the experience and tools to improve your quality scores and STAR ratings.

We utilize the following process with our health care partners:


Identify the targeted diabetic members needing an exam and prioritize the primary care physician offices needing immediate attention.


Create customized communication outreach to members and their primary care physicians, including referral lists for eye care professionals in the member's network.


Coordinate retinal screenings directly in primary care practices via its network of vision technicians. Vision technicians are certified by the handheld retinal scanners manufacturer via training sessions and a minimum amount of logged screening hours.


Capture retinal images and transmit them via a proprietary HIPAA-compliant portal for diagnosis by our team of Eye Care Professional in our Virtual Reading Center.

Execution & Measurement

Execution of these processes is facilitated by a dedicated Excedis Account Manager with help from the Support Team, from exam season through hybrid season to ensure timely and accurate measurement including customized analytics and encounter tracking to reach agreed upon goals.

Our Process


Collaborate with our clients to strategically identify then address non-compliant member populations via geography.


Create custom communication programs with plan-approved messaging to educate and motivate members to seek dental and vision care.


Using a variety of telephonic and telehealth initiatives combined with traditional outreach and participation in community based health events, we expand access of care to members.


Track and communicate compliance performance to health care plan via advanced reporting through proprietary software application platforms.